CONSCIOUS HOSPICE Private Duty Home Hospice Care Uniquely personal & spiritual nurse aide service
CONSCIOUS HOSPICEPrivate Duty Home Hospice Care   Uniquely personal & spiritual nurse aide service 

Death approaches with the potential of wondrous grace


Yes it can be painful
and hard work
Yes the grief is real

True too is the great love and home we may knowingly step  into


Our tears can mingle with joy and grace filled passages

Imagine the time when the particle you are returns where it came from!



Alan Leon

Home Hospice Spiritual Caregiver

Home Aid
Able to travel and provide live-in services
Chore and companion services such as meal preparation, feeding and fluids. Home care, repair and cleaning...laundry too :)
Personal care, such as transfers and turning, bathing, dressing, toiletry and grooming.
Effective communication between the patient, family and others of the health care team to ensure coordination of services.

Spiritual Companion
The personal care I offer comes with the knowledgeable watching for the moments of grace (both bright and dark) as they become available in the death process. More than belief, this is knowing created on decades of profound experiences. Acknowledged and enhanced, these wonderful times of growth and glory can be available to all, our beloved dying as well as family and friends attending. 

Within Love
Through the ages and cultures around the world there has been the knowing of stepping through death's door as a blessed movement in love's home. Innumerable have been the reports and signs at death of a peace and love that passes 'normal' understanding; bright, warm and welcoming. And that WE ARE NOT ALONE. Loved ones that have died before us and our caring spirit family may be greeting us in full embrace.

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life:
That word is love"      - Sophocles



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