CONSCIOUS HOSPICE Private Duty Home Hospice Care Uniquely personal & spiritual nurse aid service
CONSCIOUS HOSPICEPrivate Duty Home Hospice Care   Uniquely personal & spiritual nurse aid service 

History and Resume

I live in prayer. One day while meditating the words ’Home Hospice’  just dropped into me. And it is now my life-way. In the years since I have been three times trained and licensed in five states as a home health nurse aid. And have enjoyed some little chaplaincy training. I am in ongoing study of the existential ramifications of death, how it affects us socially and psychologically. Also studying the writings of many enlightened hospice workers. Mostly, though, what is being shared is delight in being death embraced and life love agreed. 


Following a sudden heart's call in the early 1990's I moved to the southern deserts and came to be based in Sedona Arizona, camping and guiding in the Sonoran desert for 13 years. During that time I also began my life the Andes mountains and Amazon jungle of Peru and Bolivia. At the request of many of the indigenous I met there I established a travel agency to benefit the tribes. I organized and guided this beneficial travel from 1993 to 2019. Along with the two Peruvian women who came to be my business partners. And all this along with the many hundreds of native Bolivians and Peruvians who supplied their services.


During my first fifteen or so years there I would live six to eight months of each year in the traditional villages of my many godchildren. There I experienced profound depth and love around the death process. Most often the elders, some well over a hundred years old, would know their time had come and would soon die gently in bed attended by loving family.  And now it is that the many elders that were my teachers in their indigenous spirituality have all died. Sharing their times, lives and endings has affected me...vastly...
Thus I have a profoundly spiritual and experiential acceptance of our elders, aging and death.


Prior to that, beginning in the 1970's I had gained my 'higher education' in the wilds of the Northern Rocky Mountains of British Columbia and Montana. For some twenty years I wandered, often in wilderness hermitage, hiking, climbing, skiing and horse back. Going off for months at a time I've camped alone a total of well over 10 years.


In between my times living wild I've worked quite a variety of jobs.  I was a horse packer near Glacier Park, Montana for nearly 10 years, guiding folks into the mountains, horse camping. But I've also been a canoe guide, climbing guide, backcountry ski instructor and guide, forestry tree planter, tree care climber, apple picker, natural foods store manager, trail builder, horse logger, cowboy, shepherd, and such. My cowboy/shepherd years were experienced on and near the First Nations reservations of the Blackfoot and Flathead tribes. From 2015 to 2020 I went back to cowboy work a few months each year in Montana. While most the rest of the year simply camping in far wilds through out the western states.  Ending that to go into full time hospice care in Washington State.


As a baby and in my early youth my father was a traveling preacher. So it is that my childhood started in the 1950's traveling up and down old Route 66. I also often went to visit my Maternal Grandfather who delighted to take me into his beloved Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California - starting when I was still in diapers! Thus inspired when I finished high school I wandered off into the wilds.


My diverse experiences and that I am widely self studied have created in me a character that some folk find interesting and engaging. I often readily find points of relating to and am accepting of many types of people. In the Assisted Living facilities where I put in clinical hours during my CNA classes and during my years in hospice care I often quickly formed enlivening and happy connections with many of the residents.  I am very healthy, strong and active at sixty six years old. Because I am an intellectually engaging elder male many of the men in need of service are especially pleased with my presence in an often female dominated profession.


Spiritual Companion
My wilderness years have been in pilgrimage prayer, earth based indigenous. Spiritually independent, I readily and truthfully interface with many faiths. Gently meeting people where we are at, no need to convince nor impose.  While I have been practicing yoga, tai chi and meditation for over 40 years, kindness and compassion enacted now describe much of my spiritual practice (well ok, certain unique Zen and Tao philosophies, as well as experiential shamanism are also Life/evolving the alan story).



Compassionate Caring
I share in a compassion hard earned. Having worked through my own illness and soul shaping pain I know what is like to be in need. We can be trained for nursing skills, while compassionate caring takes someone present and passionate in a heart both aching and loving. And that I have long lived in prayer creates a living spiritual connection in the places we suffer and where too we may blossom.



In 2009 I attended the certified nurse aid (CNA) & Home Health Aid classes at Santa Barbara Community College. I passed the final exam with a perfect 100% score and was licensed by the State of California.
During the next four years I volunteered extensively six months of each year at the Santa Barbara Visting Nurses and Hospice Care and the Serenity House Hospice.

To re-certify my CNA license in February of 2014 I attended Home Health and Nursing Assistant Training courses at Universal Care in Albuquerque. This was a CNA education through the national Prometric system. There also I scored top grades and have an excellent letter of reference from the school administrator. The following month I passed my state exams and became a licensed CNA in New Mexico. Since then I have also been licensed in Oregon and Nevada.
Most recently (2020) I have moved to central Washington state and have again completed another Nursing Assistant training and am certified and available to be of service throughout the state.


Independent private contract work is legal and available for anywhere needed.


July of 2014 I attended a 47 hour chaplains training in Taos, New Mexico. Gaining information and practice as a spiritual first responder during traumatic events.


Just as my young wild spirit had at times moved me to change environments and modes, now I am soul moved. Soul fulfillment I also now find in hospice care. Heart-full is this life during the times I can be of some help.


To be of service is a wondrous adventure in love.

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