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Service and Rates

I hope to be joining you as a spiritual guide and companion as well as being trained home care
While fair wages are a good thing my care is not for the money
~My focus on service is a delightful part my relationship with the divine~

Truely if you can afford very little or EVEN NOTHING  perhaps our truth will be that I can still come to be of loving service.                                           



Let's work together to see what is needed and how much or how little finances are available.

Just so you know what the norm is $15 - $20 per hour can be considered a base rate.
-In the U.S. a hospice chaplain averages $25 per hour.
-Through an agency Medicare-certified health aides are about $40 per hour, though of that the home health aides receive only an average $10-$12 per hour (another part of the economic system we'll soon need to remedy).                                                                                                                       How payments are made and taxes witheld will vary depending upon your health provider and the state you live in. I can help get everything in order and cared for.
 Again, if there is no money available, and if it is within our shared truth I may be able to come be of help anyway.



 Together we can create a simple Plain English Contract clarifying how I may be of help:                  We can describe how I may care for the physical needs of our dear patient.

We will work together to establish the times my nurse aid care is needed. Allowing for flexibility as needs change.
We can list how I may help with house chores while remaining near our beloved. Maybe even some deep cleaning or repairs because I actually enjoy them as worthy ways to get a workout ;)  I do hope to be of service in many ways, changing as needs arise.
We can establish, as need be, the payment of my transportation and lodging in home or nearby.
All these things considered we can determine my rate of pay and when I will be paid.
Perhaps we can create a flexible number of hours (such as no less than 20 hours or more than 60 hours per week).
We can start with a trial period and end my service right away with no extra cost if our relationship does not work well for us.

And after all is said, written and done any of the contract terms can be changed by written agreement of both the payer and myself


Having been licensed as a Certified Nurse Aid in California(2009), and subsequently New Mexico, Oregon, Nevada and Washington state I have been fingerprint background checked by the FBI five times.
And you may want to run a check yourself, perhaps this site will be of use:

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